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Terms of Participation

BYOD Terms of Participation

This site contains resources related to the registration and use of personal devices on the Donegal School District's data (computer) network.
Terms of Participation:
  • Students bring personal technology into school at their own risk. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices.
  • Personal technology includes, but is not limited to, Cell phones, Smartphones, laptops, notebooks, Netbooks, tablet PCs, iPads, iPods, Kindles, NOOKs, PDAs, mp3 players, calculators, and portable gaming devices.
  • The use of personal technology during class is prohibited, except when used as an aid to instruction as directed by the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will determine how and when student technology is used in the classroom.
  • The District will provide a wireless “filtered” Internet connection for student devices to connect to throughout the school day. This wireless connection is separate from the school’s network and allows for “filtered” Internet access only. The school’s wireless “filtered” Internet connection is provided at no cost and does not use cellular data plan minutes.
  • Students must use the school’s BYOD wireless connection when connecting personal mobile devices to the Internet throughout the school day.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from using a personal data plan to access the Internet throughout the school day.
  • The school does not guarantee every device will be able to connect to its wireless system. Limited technical support when connecting devices to the school’s wireless system will be provided.
  • Students are responsible for supporting their own personal devices. Staff will not provide students with support for how to use their own devices.
  • For accountability, students must register their personal devices before connecting to the school’s wireless system.
  • Students without personal technology devices will not be excluded from educational activities.
  • Students may bring their personal technology devices to school if they choose. The school recognizes this as a family choice. Participation is completely voluntary.
  • Students are expected to handle personal technology devices the same as school owned devices. The same rules apply.
  • Student participation is a privilege which can be lost for irresponsible use.
  • Students may use their devices for educational use only during classes.
  • Students should keep their devices on mute. Phone calls and text messages should not interrupt instruction.

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