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School Bus Safety - NHTSA
Half-Day Kindergarten

Welcome to DSD Transportation

about 1 month ago

The Donegal School District has contracted the services of Durham School Services for our bus transportation again this year. If you would like to learn more about this company and it's record of service, please click on the link below to take you to the company website.

A Transportation Manual has been created for you to use as a reference. It covers a variety of topics to answer questions you may have throughout the year concerning bus transportation. Please reference the Transportation Manual message block for a brief overview of the document and a link to access it.

Also provided in a message block is the Alternate Transportation Request form. This form must be completed annually for any child who needs a regularly-scheduled pick-up or drop-off at any location other than their registered home address. 

Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns regarding the following, please contact the appropriate source listed below. After submitted requests are processed, the following contacts can provide updated information or clarification.


Alternate Transportation Requests

Bus Stop info. for change of address*

Bus Stop info. for new student*

Bus Assignment Review status

Non-Public School families

Other Concerns

Student behavior/discipline concerns

Transportation for students with IEPs

Please Call

DSD Transportation Coordinator

Building secretary

Building secretary

DSD Transportation Coordinator

DSD Transportation Coordinator

Durham School Services

Building principal/assist. principal

DSD Transportation Coordinator


Building phone number

Building phone number

(717) 361-0024

Building phone number

*Requests (Initial requests/changes must be made through the student's building.)

Transportation Manual

about 1 month ago

The Donegal School District offers bus transportation for students living within the district borders according to board policy. Students and parents/guardians should be aware of expectations and follow the bus rules summarized in this Handbook. By complying with these rules we can maximize the potential for a safe, pleasant bus experience for everyone.

Please take the time to review this manual and keep as a reference when questions arise. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your child’s building principal.

Maximizing the potential for a safe, pleasant bus experience for everyone

be aware of expectations and follow the bus rules

CTC Students

Winter Weather

about 1 month ago

  • WGAL-TV Channel 8 will broadcast any changes to the normal operation of schools.
  • Weather closings: When Donegal closes for weather, no bus operates. If your student attends an IU13 class in DSD and DSD is closed, there will be no school. Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 operates its classes on the same calendar as the district in which the class is located.
  • Weather delays: When Donegal has a two-hour delay, Donegal buses will run on a two-hour delay even if the receiving school is on time. However, if Donegal is on time, but the receiving school has two-hour delay, Donegal bus will honor the receiving school's delay schedule. Except Kraybill: Buses will operate on Donegal’s delay schedule.
  • Weather early dismissals: When Donegal dismisses early for inclement weather conditions, Donegal will also pick up Donegal-resident students attending other schools. If the school of attendance outside of Donegal dismisses early for weather, Donegal will dispatch a bus early for Donegal-resident students.

Transportation Contractors
Susquehanna Waldorf/Dayspring Christian

Non-Public Student Transportation

about 1 month ago

"Partnering to maximize the potential for a safe and pleasant bus experience for everyone."

In May, non-public schools are sent the following materials in preparation for the next school year. DSD expects to receive the documentation by July 1.
  • Non-public May Data Collection requests for current school information, school calendar and student roster for the upcoming school year
  • DSD Calendar 
  • DSD/Nonpublic School Bus Transportation Request form
  • Alternate Transportation Request form

FAMILIES SEEKING TO HAVE DONEGAL TRANSPORT THEIR STUDENT(S) TO A NON-PUBLIC SCHOOL must submit a Non-Public School Transportation Request Form. Enrollment and student information will be verified with the non-public school. DSD relies on the information given by the school of attendance. Families requiring their student to be transported to a location other than their place of residence for custody or babysitting purposes must review and submit the Alternate Transportation Request form.

NEW since 2018-2019: Proof of residency in the Donegal School District is needed each year. Please submit proof of residency with the Non-Public School Transportation Request Form. Transportation assignment will not be given until proof of residency is received. Bus assignment letters will be sent out the second week of August.


The following are the approved documents that are accepted as Proof of Residency and for change of address for students attending Donegal. Documents marked with an asterisk (*) are the District’s preferred forms of proof of residency. Additional documents will be accepted as listed, but will require you to bring two documents as proof of residency.

*Bill of Sale – (Must be signed and current year)

*Cell Phone Bill – (Must be current)

*Credit Card Bill – (Must be current)


*Lease agreement – (Must be signed and current year – Front page/signature page only)

*Real Estate Tax Bill – (Must be current year)

*Rent Receipt – (Must be current)

*Residency Affidavit – (See definition for application below)

*Utility Bill – (Must be current)

DOT identification card – (Must be current, please bring an additional approved document)

Driver’s License – (Must be current, please bring an additional approved document)

Vehicle Registration – (Must be current, please bring an additional approved document)

2020-2021 Alternate Transportation Request form

2020-2021 Kraybill School Transportation Request form

2020-2021 Non-Public School Transportation Request form

Alternate Transportation Requests

about 1 month ago

Students will be picked up and dropped off at the same regular location every day. This procedure helps maintain the safety of our students. Transportation will only be provided to and from the legally designated residence of the student. Alternate transportation may be requested for consistent, long-term, weekly daycare needs or custody agreements. Please carefully read all information on the form prior to signing.

Only submitted requests will be considered for approval.

This form can be found using the link provided. Notes submitted directly to the driver will not be accepted.

Approval will be granted only if there is an existing bus stop, provided there is adequate seating available on the affected bus.

If an emergency situation arises, contact your building principal to discuss the emergency that may alter your student's transportation needs.

Families submitting for the upcoming school year, please mark the intended school year at the top of the request form. Otherwise, all requests are assumed to be for the current school year.

Alternate Transportation Request form for 2020-2021

alternate transportation

please submit a new request each year

Bus Assignment Review

about 1 month ago

Questions or concerns regarding bus assignments may be addressed by submitting a Bus Assignment Review form to the District transportation coordinator. Reviews will be conducted upon receipt. Families are asked to be patient with a response, as volume of submissions will dictate response time.

Concerns brought forth after the second week of August will be held for investigation two weeks after the start of school.

Bus Assignment Review form