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Winter Weather

  • WGAL-TV Channel 8 will broadcast any changes to the normal operation of schools.
  • Weather closings: When Donegal closes for weather, no bus operates. If your student attends an IU13 class in DSD and DSD is closed, there will be no school. Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 operates its classes on the same calendar as the district in which the class is located.
  • Weather delays: When Donegal has a two-hour delay, Donegal buses will run on a two-hour delay even if the receiving school is on time. However, if Donegal is on time, but the receiving school has two-hour delay, Donegal bus will honor the receiving school's delay schedule. Except Kraybill: Buses will operate on Donegal’s delay schedule.
  • Weather early dismissals: When Donegal dismisses early for inclement weather conditions, Donegal will also pick up Donegal-resident students attending other schools. If the school of attendance outside of Donegal dismisses early for weather, Donegal will dispatch a bus early for Donegal-resident students.

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