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Non-Public Student Transportation

"Partnering to maximize the potential for a safe and pleasant bus experience for everyone."

In May, non-public schools are sent the following materials in preparation for the next school year. DSD expects to receive the documentation by July 1.
  • Non-public May Data Collection requests for current school information, school calendar and student roster for the upcoming school year
  • DSD Calendar 
  • DSD/Nonpublic School Bus Transportation Request form
  • Alternate Transportation Request form

FAMILIES SEEKING TO HAVE DONEGAL TRANSPORT THEIR STUDENT(S) TO A NON-PUBLIC SCHOOL must submit a Non-Public School Transportation Request Form. Enrollment and student information will be verified with the non-public school. DSD relies on the information given by the school of attendance. Families requiring their student to be transported to a location other than their place of residence for custody or babysitting purposes must review and submit the Alternate Transportation Request form.

Proof of residency in the Donegal School District is needed each year. Please submit proof of residency with the Non-Public School Transportation Request Form. Transportation assignment will not be given until proof of residency is received. Bus assignment letters will be sent out the second week of August.


The following are the approved documents that are accepted as Proof of Residency and for change of address for students attending Donegal. Documents marked with an asterisk (*) are the District’s preferred forms of proof of residency. Additional documents will be accepted as listed, but will require you to bring two documents as proof of residency.

*Bill of Sale – (Must be signed and current year)

*Cell Phone Bill – (Must be current)

*Credit Card Bill – (Must be current)


*Lease agreement – (Must be signed and current year – Front page/signature page only)

*Real Estate Tax Bill – (Must be current year)

*Rent Receipt – (Must be current)

*Residency Affidavit – (See definition for application below)

*Utility Bill – (Must be current)

DOT identification card – (Must be current, please bring an additional approved document)

Driver’s License – (Must be current, please bring an additional approved document)

Vehicle Registration – (Must be current, please bring an additional approved document)

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