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Alternate Transportation Requests

Students will be picked up and dropped off at the same regular location every day. This procedure helps maintain the safety of our students. Transportation will only be provided to and from the legally designated residence of the student. Alternate transportation may be requested for consistent, long-term, weekly daycare needs or custody agreements. Please carefully read all information on the form prior to signing.

Only submitted requests will be considered for approval.

This form can be found using the link provided. Notes submitted directly to the driver will not be accepted.

Approval will be granted only if there is an existing bus stop, provided there is adequate seating available on the affected bus.

If an emergency situation arises, contact your building principal to discuss the emergency that may alter your student's transportation needs.

Families submitting for the upcoming school year, please mark the intended school year at the top of the request form. Otherwise, all requests are assumed to be for the current school year.

Alternate Transportation Request Form

alternate transportation

please submit a new request each year

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