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FAQ: Professional Employment

How can I become an employee of Donegal School District?

 Frequently Asked Questions

You now have the degree and the certificate and you want to teach for the Donegal School District. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the hiring process!

How does Donegal SD recruit applicants?
Openings are posted in a variety of areas, depending upon the nature of the position(s) to be filled.  Methods most commonly used include:
  • District website    (
  • Indeed
  • Newspaper advertisements
What should I send in if I want to be considered as a candidate?
People interested in applying for a position should apply online at, unless the posting indicates otherwise.
How are candidate interviews handled?
Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted by a representative of the school district.  The initial interview will be conducted by a group of staff, including at least one building principal.  The candidates will be expected to teach a portion of a lesson in their area of certification as part of the second interview.
What happens after the final round of interviews?
At the completion of all interviews, the interview team will make an employment recommendation to the superintendent.  References will be checked and results will be documented.  

The successful candidate will be contacted and an employment offer will be made, pending School Board approval.  The candidate's name will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval. We encourage you to attend the School Board meeting to be introduced to our Board of Directors!

Following Board approval, an appointment is established for completion of a pre-employment packet.  All appointments are contingent upon receipt of all necessary pre-employment forms, including certification, state-mandated physical examinations, TB test and clearances, etc.

What can I do to be a successful candidate?
Be sure your information on your application is current and submitted by the denoted deadline. Do some homework on the district before you interview, allow sufficient time to get to your interview appointment and be punctual.  Please dress professionally and bring any documents that have been requested.  Let your enthusiasm for our District shine through!

Good Luck! 

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