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Math Department

Mathematics Department Information
Donegal School District Mathematics Department

Mission Statement

The department’s mission is to provide the opportunity for all students to learn and understand important mathematical concepts and procedures, to expose them to current technology in order to facilitate the learning experience and insight into the practical application of these concepts, and to develop students as flexible, resourceful problem solvers.


The Mathematics Department’s commitment to mathematics education is centered in the recognition that a solid base of mathematical skills and the reasoning and problem solving abilities that come from actively developing these skills is necessary for all individuals in our rapidly changing, technologically oriented world. Throughout history the progress of civilization has paralleled the development of each society’s mathematical skills.

Furthermore, it is imperative that a positive instructional environment be created in which all students maximize their mathematical potential. Our program should embody and exemplify the creed All students can learn mathematics.

In order to achieve this statement of belief the curriculum must:

  • Provide a comprehensive, sequential mathematics curriculum derived from the NCTM and PA Core Standards for all students K-12.
  • Provide specific course content for all grade levels that will develop mathematical understanding and skills, reasoning and problem solving abilities, the capability to communicate effectively, and identify connections between mathematical thought and the world around us.
  • Provide positive mathematical learning experiences for all students K-12.
  • Provide the opportunity for all grade levels to use appropriate calculators and computers to enable them to facilitate the learning experience and develop the ability to adapt to change, a necessary life skill for a productive member of today’s society.


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