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Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness Education Curriculum


 The Health and Physical Education curriculum is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Health, Safety, and Physical Education. In Donegal School District, it is our goal to provide students with a quality health and wellness program and to develop an appreciation of fitness and enjoyment of activities for a lifetime.  


At the elementary level, instruction in physical education and health is provided by our department. Children enjoy developmentally appropriate activities that create maximum opportunities for development of various skills and health-related fitness. Additionally, children have the opportunity to learn information about fitness components, muscle names, fitness facts, safe stretches, and social and cooperative skills.   Many academic concepts are naturally linked within the physical education program through movement concepts and skill themes. The movement concepts include space awareness (where the body moves), effort (how the body moves) and relationships (with objects and people). The skill themes include locomotor skills (hopping, walking, running etc.) and nonmanipulative skills (throwing, catching, kicking, punting, dribbling, volleying etc.) All of the skills learned will be applied to the performance of specific sport-related activities. Health instruction aligned to the standards is also incorporated into these classes.


At the secondary level, students receive instruction in Health and Physical Education. Concepts of health include: growth and development; body systems; nutrition; alcohol, tobacco, and chemical substances; disease prevention; environmental health; consumer health; and conflict resolution and violence prevention. The physical education curriculum is designed to help students engage in a regular and varied physical activity program that supports personal fitness and promotes lifelong participation. Students will learn how to monitor their fitness levels, analyze the effects of participation, and evaluate factors that influence their selection of activities throughout their lifespan. Students will have opportunities to advance their skill development through practice and application of scientific and biomechanical principles.


The purpose of our health and physical education program is to provide a foundation which is essential for developing lifestyles and habits that are conducive to health and wellness. This foundation includes providing the opportunities for life skill development.   Students will be equipped with the tools necessary to make decisions that will have a positive impact on their health as a result of this educational foundation.

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