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English Department

English Department Information

The English department, at both the middle school and the high school levels, endeavors to teach children the necessary skills that will make them successful readers, writers, speakers, and listeners. The department’s planned instruction reflects the Pennsylvania Core standards. While approaches to attaining these standards may vary from teacher to teacher, the goal is always student achievement in these areas.


In grades seven and eight, students are taught the skills necessary to read critically and to analyze and interpret literature. Selections are not limited to only fiction but include nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Students are also introduced to the five paragraph format for writing and will in turn write informative, argumentative, and narrative essays. Much attention is paid to the conventions (grammar, usage, mechanics, and sentences) element. Speaking and listening skills will be taught through the cooperative learning process and individual presentations.


In grades nine and ten, students will continue to practice the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills introduced in middle school.   Requirements will become more extensive as students will be expected to read and write more frequently outside of class.

An emphasis is placed on those skills which aid students in determining the qualities of great literature and proficient writing.


In grades eleven and twelve, students have the opportunity to choose areas of literature in which they would like to specialize their study.   Researching becomes a point of emphasis as students are taught and guided through the process. Instruction also revolves around refining the students’ skills in the aforementioned areas.


As always, student achievement is paramount for the English department. Knowing that our students can read, write, speak, and listen well as they move toward graduation is a reward in itself.

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