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Explanation of Fees

Donegal Right-to-Know Records Policy 

Appendix 1A – Detailed Explanation of Fees
The district is required to provide a public record in a requested medium only if the record exists in that medium.  For example, if a request is made for an electronic copy of a paper record that is not held in electronic form, the district may provide an electronic copy, but is not required to do so.  The district is not required to use a specific method of transmission.  For example, if the district makes available for inspection and photocopying a record that is held only on paper, it is not required to then e-mail or fax a duplicate.


The district is permitted to charge the following fees relating to public records:


6.                   Photocopying – 25¢ per page.  This fee applies anytime a record is copied to fulfill a request, including photocopying of a paper record or printing a copy of an electronic record. The district will charge a duplication fee for copies of redacted material it must make in order for a requester to view a public record.  However, if the requester chooses to obtain these copies, the district will not charge an additional fee. 

7.                   Electronic copying – Electronic copies will normally be provided by e-mail attachment.  The fee is 25¢ per page.  [Note: If the district transmits an electronic copy, it is only permitted to charge 25¢ per page regardless of the electronic format used for the copy, unless the requester asks for duplication in a more expensive format such as computer disk, in which case the district may provide the copy in an electronic format of its choice and charge 25¢ per page, or may provide a copy in the more expensive format requested and charge the actual cost.]  

8.                   Certified copy – $1 per certified record regardless of the number of pages, plus any applicable duplication fees.  If a requester asks for certification of multiple records, a separate charge will be assessed for each record certified. 

9.                   Mailed copy – If a request is made for mailing and the district chooses to mail the copy instead of requiring personal pickup, the requester will pay the actual costof postal fees plus any applicable duplication fees.  [Note: Mailing is not required.]

10.               Facsimile transmission – If a request is made for facsimile transmission and the district chooses to fax the copy instead of requiring personal pickup, the requester will pay the actual costof facsimile plus any applicable duplication and certification fees.  [Note: Facsimile is not required.] 

11.               Duplication in special formats – If a request is made for duplication in a special format and the district chooses to comply, the fee will be the actual cost.  Specialized formats include, but are not limited to, removable electronic storage devices, color copies, and non-standard sized documents.  [Note: Duplication in special formats is not required.]

The district may waive fees in circumstances it deems appropriate.  If the district receives a request for personal inspection of a record, but decides it is more convenient to mail, fax, or e-mail a copy of the record, the district will waive the fees associated with duplication and transmission.

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