What is the Donegal Virtual Academy?

The Donegal Virtual Academy (DVA) is an online academy for the Donegal School District.  Our Academy is made up of Donegal learners in grades K-12 and is considered a “school within all schools of the Donegal School District”.  DVA uses multiple content providers to provide many engaging educational experiences for our students.  Our elementary students in grades K-5 use courses provided by Accelerate Education while our students in grades 6-8 primarily use courses through Edison Learning.  Our high school students utilize Edison Learning,Accelerate Education, & E-Dynamic, ****for their course providers to provide the most core and elective classes as possible.
The Donegal Virtual Academy uses an asynchronous mode of learning that allows a student and family to schedule when they will engage in their online learning.  All of a student’s content is available to them twenty four  hours a day.   In addition to asynchronous instruction, a student’s teacher is available via email, phone, or through Zoom meetings.  At the elementary level, a student’s teacher will reach out to schedule small group live sessions as well as sessions for progress monitoring.

Our Mission: "Success is our Virtual Reality"

"Success is Our Virtual Reality" shapes the decisions the Academy makes and it shapes the supports that are put in place to help increase each learner’s success.  Our goal is to help each student achieve their own optimum level of success and to help them reach the next step in their educational journey.  The Donegal Virtual Academy looks at all stakeholders as valued and active participants in our students’ education, and we look to forge positive and long lasting relationships with our families.   The Academy believes in a "triangle approach" to student success.  At the apex of the triangle is our learner, and at the base of the triangle is the family and DVA.  The Donegal Virtual Academy and our families serve as a strong foundation and support system to help our learners achieve the highest level of success within our Academy.

Contact Information

For more information about the Donegal Virtual Academy:

Contact Mr. Andrew Sparmblack, Supervisor of Personalized Learning. andrew.sparmblack@donegalsd.org

Phone: (717) 928-2902

If your child has specialized learning needs or an individual education plan (IEP), please contact the Director of Special Education and Pupil Services, Mrs. Dana Blair. dana.blair@donegalsd.org

Phone: (717) 492-1313