Annual Notice

7 years ago

Special Education Services (K-12)

Special education is planned instruction specifically designed to address the educational and related developmental needs of school-aged children with disabilities. This includes services for students in grades K-12.

Prior to a student being identified for special education services, the District will provide a variety of interventions in regular education. Teachers and/or parents may refer students who continue to have difficulty learning or who are thought to be gifted. Students identified as exceptional and in need of specially designed instruction will have individualized education plans (IEP’s) developed. The IEP team documents current education abilities, areas of needs and outlines goals, accommodations/ adaptations or modifications and teaching strategies, as well as other support systems that may help the student to access the general education curriculum.

Parental involvement is critical throughout the duration of the student’s time in the special education program. You are encouraged to actively participate in planning for the educational program designed to best meet your child’s needs.

The district presently provides special education services to over 400 students.  The majority of our students receive these services in the regular education class with learning and/or speech support. Approximately 10% of our students, with more complex and severe disabilities, receive services, at district expense, in IU classes or other out of district locations. The district employs special education teachers, speech/language therapists, paraprofessionals, and contracts with an agency for occupational and physical therapists. All staff assigned to a student are responsible for implementing the student’s IEP, including students with a speech IEP.