Homeschooling Education

5 years ago

Parents have the right to home school their child, provided they meet state requirements which include: 

  • Filing a notarized affidavit with instructional objectives and a copy of immunization record (or medical/religious exemption) 
  • Submission of proof of medical and dental checkups
  • Logging of 900 instructional hours or 180 days
  • A written evaluation done by an evaluator who meets state requirements (parent’s choice and expense)

 State required nursing screenings are available through the school district at no cost to the parent if the parent chooses.  Notary work to file the affidavit is also provided free of charge.


The district contact for this service is:

Joy Bodnar  (717) 492-1313


Homeschool Requirements

4 years ago


Ø  Dental - grades K (or entrance to school), 3, & 7

Ø  Physical - grades K (or entrance to school), 6, & 11

Ø  Height, weight, vision, hearing - yearly

Ø  Immunizations Required:

                    Click here for an explanation of the most recent immunization requirements.

More information on Pennsylvania's school immunization requirements can be found in 28 Pa.CODE CH.23 (School Immunization).  Contact your local healthcare provider or call 1-877-PA-HEALTH for more information.



 Achievement testing – grades 3, 5, & 8 


 Due to the Superintendent by July 1 (each year)

Elementary School and Secondary School requirements may be found in School Code Section 1327.1.


According to School Code Section 1327.1, students in grades 9-12 are required to have the following:

4 years   English

3 years   Mathematics

3 years   Social Studies

3 years   Science

2 years   Arts & Humanities



Ø  Affidavits must be filed yearly. 

        * Returning Homeschoolers -  The affidavit and other appropriate paperwork are due in the Superintendent’s Office by August 1 of each year.

        * New Homeschoolers - The affidavit needs to be filed prior to the start of homeschooling and can be done at any point within the school year.

Enrollment and Diplomas

2 years ago

Enrollment and Reenrollment

A student seeking enrollment and reenrollment in the District upon termination of a home schooling program shall be placed at such grade and at such instructional level within that grade as the Superintendent  deems appropriate after evaluation of the home school portfolio, annual evaluation reports and any other information or assessment results that the Superintendent deems necessary.  In determining the student’s appropriate grade and instructional level and in determining whether assessments in additions to those which are available in the home school portfolio and annual reports are required to place the student appropriately, the Superintendent shall use his/her best professional judgment and may seek the advice and input of such professional staff as s/he deems appropriate. (Donegal School District Policy 137)


Students who complete all of the graduation requirements of the home education program shall receive a high school diploma issued by the supervisor or an approved diploma-granting organization.  (Donegal School District Policy 137)