Homeschool & Private Tutor Education Programs

a year ago

As a parent, you may be considering a homeschool or private tutor program to meet your child's educational needs.  The Pa Department of Education outlines expectations and requirements for each program.  The Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide will answer most of your questions.  

If you're ready to register your child, or have additional questions please contact the Donegal School District Pupil Services Department Administrative Assistant:

Laurie Kingsboro  (717) 492-1313


Frequently Asked Questions

a year ago

What health requirements does my child have to meet? 

How do I document my homeschool program?

How do I close out the school year?

Can my child earn a diploma through a homeschool program?

What if my child is identified as a student with special needs?

What about standardized testing?

Te answers to these questions and more can be found here.