Homebound Instruction

2 years ago

Students who have a medical prescription for homebound instruction, those who are “too ill” to attend school, are provided 5 hours of tutoring/instruction per week.  Homebound instruction is paid for out of the general budget.  Parents are required to bring a medical physician’s request to the building the student attends. The physician’s letter must include:

1.       Medical diagnosis specifying the nature of the condition

2.       Reason(s) why this condition prohibits regular school attendance

3.       Estimated length of confinement. Homebound instruction is not to exceed 3 months    

4.       Other pertinent information the physician believes school personnel should know about     

          their treatment of the student

Our office then processes the request for the district and the state.

The person in our office to contact for this service or further information is:

                               Laurie Kingsboro                             laurie.kingsboro@donegalsd.org