Gifted (K-12)

a year ago

All school districts in the state of PA are obligated, under Chapter 16, to provide for the services of gifted students.  DSD presently serves identified students in grades K-12. District responsibilities include the identification of and programming support for these students in their areas of highest need  but corresponding to their achievement levels and rates.  The district has 2 teachers servicing our students via a combination of direct services, consultation and collaboration with regular education teachers on acceleration and extension groupings and activities. At the secondary level, students are also challenged through the selection of rigorous coursework, such as seminars and AP courses. The Gifted program is entirely funded via district dollars.  All staff assigned to a student  follow the student’s GIEP.

For questions regarding evaluations (or request your child be evaluated), processes or procedures please contact the Director of Special Education and Pupil Services, Dana Blair at 717-492-1313 or

Our gifted support teachers are: 

Sarah Lawrence  (grades K-6)

Moriah Berringer (grade 9)

Susan Heydt  (grades 7-8, 10-12)