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The Donegal School District, in northwestern Lancaster County, is comprised of Marietta and Mount Joy Boroughs, East Donegal Township and approximately one third of Mount Joy Township. Donegal School District is very desirable for commuters, as the location is close to Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Hershey and straddles the train line from Harrisburg to Philadelphia. Its close proximity to major metropolitan areas such as Baltimore (90 miles) and Philadelphia (85 miles) adds to the area’s desirability. The beautiful rolling hills and farmland, as well as the small-town atmosphere, have attracted an increasing numbers of families.

Mount Joy

Mount Joy Chamber of Commerce website. For more information on Mount Joy, click here.


Maytown is a small picturesque community located in East Donegal Township. The town and township are situated in the northwestern part of Lancaster County, PA. The town's population in 1990 was 1,720 residents, while the township's population was 5,434.

The township of Donegal, named for Donegal, Ireland, was split into East and West in 1838. East Donegal is a 2nd Class Township that encompasses 24.4 square miles of land mass. It is roughly divided into three categories: agriculture - 82%; residential - 10%; business & other - 6%.


Incorporated in 1812, Marietta is nestled on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Western Lancaster County, PA. Formerly known as "Anderson's Ferry," the town prospered in Colonial Days as a result of flourishing river commerce on the Pennsylvania Canal and Railroad. Success produced an architectual gallery of Colonial, Federal, and Victorian homes.

Eventually, the river related industries began to decline as did the modernization of the town. Then in June of 1972 disaster struck as Hurricane Agnes blew into Marietta. Fortunately, federal disaster relief money was made available and the restoration of Marietta began to revitalize the town.

Marietta contains an architectural gallery of historic homes including Victorian, Colonial American, Gothic Cottages, and Log cabins. Marietta also boasts a National Historic District that encompasses 45% of the town. Four of these historic buildings have been restored for public use; the old Town Hall: that houses a museum, the old Bank: that house a gift shop, the Union Meeting House, and the Community House.

Within its boundaries can be found an antique music box museum, an historical theater, and 147 cherry trees. Residents and tourists enjoy walking the trails, fishing or bird watching along the Susquehanna River.

Quaint shoppes, restaurants, and Bed and Breakfasts grace the historic homes and buildings of Marietta. This town of 2700 is a lovely place to live, work, and visit.

Milanof-Schock Library

7 months ago

The Milanof-Schock Library, recognized as the “Best Small Library in America” in 2006, serves the Donegal community.  The library, which began as a Girl Scout community bookmobile project in 1964, was funded in part by two bequests from the estates of Anne Milanof and Clarence Schock.  The community then raised $1.2 million which led to the construction of the new building, which opened in 1999.