Dr. J. Michael Lausch


Superintendent's Message

It is with pride and honor that I serve as Superintendent in the Donegal School District.

I began my career in 1991, teaching for 14 years in the Manheim Central School District. Following that, I was an elementary principal for almost 10 years in the Lower Dauphin School District. After serving those districts, I came to Donegal and was the Assistant Superintendent for three years. In 2017, the Board of School Directors appointed me Superintendent for the Donegal School District. I hold an elementary teaching certification and Master's Degree from Millersville University, principal's certification from Shippensburg University, a Superintendent's letter of eligibility and educational doctorate from Drexel University.

Upon graduation from Millersville University in 1991, I moved to the Mount Joy area and have lived in or around Mount Joy since that time. I always expressed a desire to work in the Donegal School District and had that dream fulfilled when I was hired to be the Assistant Superintendent in 2014. Coming to Donegal is the highlight of my career and it truly feels like I have come “home.”

The Donegal staff, administration and School Board work collaboratively to improve academic achievement while being fiscally responsible. As such, we are able to offer our students a variety of academic and extra-curricular experience to help each student grow as an individual. I am exceptionally proud of the type of students we have in Donegal. The character of our students, K-12, is second to none. Welcome to the Tribe!

J. Michael Lausch, Ed.D. Superintendent michael.lausch@donegalsd.org

Superintendent Evaluations

a month ago

In accordance with Donegal School District Board Policy 312: Performance Assessment of Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent, “The Board shall conduct a formal written performance assessment of the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent annually as required by law.”


The Superintendent has been assessed by the Board in eight (8) separate standards;

·         Standard #1: Strategic Leadership

·         Standard #2: Operations, Fiscal and Resource Management

·         Standard #3: Data-Informed Decision Making

·         Standard #4: Professionalism

·         Standard #5: Communication Skills

·         Standard #6: Regional Leadership

·         Standard #7: Professional Growth of Self and Others

·         Standard #8: Standards-Based Aligned Instructional Systems/Compliance


The Donegal School District Board met in executive session to conduct the performance assessment of the Superintendent. The Donegal School District Board has determined that the Superintendent has met or exceeded the performance standards for the 2020-2021 school year.