Office of Curriculum and Instruction

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The Office of Curriculum and Instruction works to create and provide a viable, standards aligned curriculum across all schools for all students.

The curriculum is kept current and is continuously improved through the implementation cycle which takes place over a six-year period of time. This cycle is followed to ensure curricular alignment with the Pennsylvania Core Standards. During the on-cycle process the curriculum is reviewed/revised and submitted for approval. Additionally, a needs assessment is conducted to determine the resources needed to keep the curriculum up to date and the standards aligned.

The Elementary and Secondary Directors of Education work with teachers to determine the professional development needs of the district and in turn provide the professional development. Additionally, the Directors of Education create the curriculum budget to ensure the district has the appropriate resources and professional development opportunities needed to support the curriculum. 

Classroom observations are conducted by the Directors of Education, throughout the year, to observe the curriculum "in action" in the classrooms. 

Greg Kiehl, Director of Elementary Education
Amanda Hann, Director of Secondary Education

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is located at:
1051 Koser Road
Mount Joy, PA 17552
Phone - 717.492.1304
Fax - 717.492.1350


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The curriculum of The Donegal School District is aligned with the Pennsylvania Core Standards. 

"The Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System is a collaborative product of research and good practice that identifies six distinct elements which, if utilized together, will provide schools and districts a common framework for continuous school and district enhancement and improvement. Much research has been conducted as to what makes a great school. There are many intangible components; however, research supports the notion that great schools and school systems tend to have six common elements that ensure Student Achievement: Clear Standards, Fair Assessments, Curriculum Framework, Instruction, Materials & Resources, and Interventions." ~ from

SAS Links:
  • SAS Standards Aligned System ~ This PDE video introduces the goals and philosophy of the program
  • Creating a SAS Account ~ A short video illustrating the steps to creating your teacher account.  You need an account to use the full range of resources on the site.
  • Standards by grade or grade range allows you to focus in on a grade or a range, and drills down automatically to anchors and eligible content where appropriate
  • Materials by grade and subject area allows you to find a variety of standards-linked materials, or search for a single type of resource such as Assessment, or Lesson/Unit Plan
  • Keystone Exams
  • SAS Portal Help Desk ~ The FAQ page answers general questions.  The Training Materials sections includes information about how to create an account, use the teacher tools, and utilize each of the six areas of SAS

Title I

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What Is Title I?

Title I is a program funded by the federal government to provide support for children, especially in the area of reading. Funds are allocated by the federal government and distributed to the Donegal School District through the state. The funds are used to provide support services to help low-achieving students improve their skills in reading and better succeed in school.

Is the Title I program the same in every school?

Title I services are provided in the Donegal Primary School and in the Donegal Intermediate School. The goal of our Title I program is to provide supplemental reading instruction for identified students. Instruction is provided by a reading specialist. Each building reading specialist is highly qualified, meeting all requirements for certification by the State of Pennsylvania, including Reading Specialist Certification. Instruction by the reading specialist correlates with the classroom literacy curriculum and targets the individual needs of the identified students.

How is a student selected for Title I support in the Donegal School District?

Eligibility for Title I assistance is determined by the results of performance assessments and recommendations by the classroom teachers. Students performing below grade level in the area of reading are eligible. Once a student is determined to be eligible for Title I support, a letter is sent home to the parent explaining the program and requesting a signature for permission. Questions about the Title I program or your child's need for support should be directed to his/her classroom teacher or the reading specialists.

Who are the people directly involved in the Title I program?

Overall responsibility for the Title I Program rests with the School Board and Administration. Our Director of Elementary Education, Greg Kiehl, oversees the program. Mr. Kiehl, together with the building principals, reading specialists and classroom teachers, coordinates the efforts of the Title I program to provide services to meet the needs of the individual children.

What does the Title I program look like in my school?

Title I support in reading may occur individually or in small groups, inside and/or outside of the classroom. The reading specialists are scheduled to work with eligible students to help them achieve success in their school setting. Students receive help specific to their individual needs enabling them to improve grade level performance and to increase their abilities in basic reading skills.

Who are the Title I teachers?

At the Primary School, our Title I teachers are Mrs. Eckenrode, Mrs. Husser, and Mrs. Peacher.  At the Intermediate School, our teachers are Mrs. Bowers, Mrs. Sosnoski, Mrs. Santoleri and Mrs. Stehman.


Donegal School District Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy:

Please see Policy 918 - Title I Parent and Family Engagement at the link below:


Title I Documents:

Home-School Compact

Parent Involvement Policy

Annual Notice of Highly Qualified Teacher Status


Title I Parent Resources:

The documents below are order forms for parent resources on a variety of topics.  Should you wish to order any of these resources, print out the order form and mail it to the address on the top of the form.  Parents are permitted to order up to 10 different titles!

Parent Resource Order Form


The link to the Great Kids Milestones website is below.  This site provides short (1-2 minute) videos about the reading and math skills your child is learning in his/her classroom.  The videos are designed for parents of students in grades K-5 and may be watched in either English or Spanish.  You can select the grade level video library you wish to view on the main page of the site.

Title IX

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Donegal School District Title IX Coordinator:

Amanda Hann   

1051 Koser Road, Mount Joy, PA 17552 


District Policies:

                     Reporting Form for Policy 103
                     Discrimination Complaint Procedures
                     Reporting Form for Policy 104
                     Discrimination Complain Procedures

Training Resources:

The resource listed above was used for training district personnel on August 5, 2020. 

Comprehensive Plan Draft for 2023-2026

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The 2023-2026 Comprehensive Plan Draft was presented to the School Board on Thursday, November 10, 2022.  The plan will be available here until December 8, 2022, when it will be formally approved before being submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.