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Non-Public Student Transportation

"Partnering to maximize the potential for a safe and pleasant bus experience for everyone."

In May, non-public schools are sent the following materials in preparation for the next school year. DSD expects to receive the documentation by July 1.
  • Non-public May Data Collection requests for current school information, school calendar and student roster for the upcoming school year
  • DSD Calendar 
  • DSD/Nonpublic School Bus Transportation Request form
  • Alternate Transportation Request form
If families have submitted the School Bus Transportation Request and information has been validated by the non-public school, families can expect Bus Assignment letters the second week of August.

FAMILIES SEEKING TO HAVE DSD TRANSPORT THEIR STUDENTS TO A NON-PUBLIC SCHOOL must submit a School Bus Transportation Request form. Enrollment and student information will be verified with the non-public school. DSD relies on the information given by the school of attendance. Families requiring their student to be transported to a location other than home for custody or babysitting purposes must review and submit the Alternate Transportation Request form.

School Bus Transportation Request form Specific to Kraybill students

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