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Nursing Services

about 1 month ago

Our district employs 3 full time school nurses, as well as LPN’s.  Creative scheduling of the staff has enabled full time daily coverage in all buildings. Nurses follow procedures as set forth yearly by both the state and federal government, at the authorization of our district contracted physician. Nurses complete required screenings, teacher training, physicals, track immunizations, provide services to private/parochial schools, and handle day to day medical situations (medication, blood sampling, etc.) Our nurses develop Individualized Health Plans (IHP’s) for students who have short term medical needs that are not chronic in nature and 504 medical plans for chronic conditions that impact a student’s school performance.  All staff assigned to a student with an IHP or a 504 plan are responsible for the implementation of that plan.

Our three fulltime, certified school nurses, and their assigned buildings are listed below: 

Patti Boylston-Lytle - Donegal Primary School; Donegal Junior High School

 Heidi Stewart - Donegal Intermediate School 

Nicole Petersen - Donegal High School