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Superintendent's Message
Dr. J. Michael Lausch

Superintendent Evaluations

4 months ago

In accordance with Donegal School District Board Policy 312: Performance Assessment of Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent, “The Board shall conduct a formal written performance assessment of the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent annually as required by law.”


The Superintendent has been assessed by the Board in eight (8) separate standards;

·         Standard #1: Strategic Leadership

·         Standard #2: Operations, Fiscal and Resource Management

·         Standard #3: Data-Informed Decision Making

·         Standard #4: Professionalism

·         Standard #5: Communication Skills

·         Standard #6: Regional Leadership

·         Standard #7: Professional Growth of Self and Others

·         Standard #8: Standards-Based Aligned Instructional Systems/Compliance


The Donegal School District Board met in executive session to conduct the performance assessment of the Superintendent. The Donegal School District Board has determined that the Superintendent has met or exceeded the performance standards for the 2018-2019 school year.