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Instructional Services Department

The Instructional Services Department works to create and provide a viable, standards aligned curriculum across all schools for all students.

The curriculum is kept current and is continuously improved through the implementation cycle which takes place over a six-year period of time. This cycle is followed to ensure curricular alignment with the Pennsylvania Core Standards. During the on-cycle process the curriculum is reviewed/revised and submitted for approval. Additionally, a needs assessment is conducted to determine the resources needed to keep the curriculum up to date and standards aligned.

The Elementary and Secondary Directors of Education work with teachers to determine the professional development needs of the district and in turn provide the professional development. Additionally, the Directors of Education create the curriculum budget to ensure the district has the appropriate resources and professional development opportunities needed to support the curriculum. 

Classroom observations are conducted by the Directors of Education, throughout the year, to observe the curriculum "in action" in the classrooms. 

Greg Kiehl, Director of Elementary Education
Amanda Hann, Director of Secondary Education

The Instructional Services Department is located at:
1051 Koser Road
Mount Joy, PA 17552
Phone - 717.492.1304
Fax - 717.492.1350

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