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Safety Committee

The purpose of the Donegal School District Safety Committee is to:

v  Steer the safety and health efforts of the district

 v  Assure both management and employee involvement in the total safety effort/culture of the district

 v  Establish and enforce the fundamentals necessary to maintain an effective and on-going safety program, district-wide.


The Donegal School District Safety Committee has been in existence since June 2005, with a focus on providing a healthy and safe working and learning environment. Any concerns regarding health and safety should be brought to the immediate attention of the building principal.





Winter May be Over;

Spring is Here!

  • Winter's inactive muscles can take only so much strain. Don't overdo it - build up slowly so you don't have strains that can put you out of commission for some time.
  • It may look appealing, but don't wander onto frozen rivers and lakes in the spring. The ice is beginning to thaw, and you never know just how thin the ice really is.
  • Spring's extra rain and thawing snow can cause normally safe rivers, streams and creeks to turn treacherous. Even standing on banks can be risky, as they can be undercut by the rushing water and give in under your weight.
  • Springtime can also be severe weather time. If the skies look threatening, check to see if a storm watch or warning has been issued before you initiate outdoor activities. If you're already outside and thunderstorms threaten, go immediately into a building or enclosed vehicle. For tornadoes, go to the nearest safe structure, or the basement or interior first-floor room of your home. If there's no time to follow these precautions, take cover in a ditch or depression in the ground.